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Vascular surgery is the evaluation and treatment of diseases of the blood vessels outside of the heart, involving both artery and venous disease. This includes the treatment of aneurysms, arterial blockage in the abdomen and legs, blockage of the carotid artery which can cause stroke, along with the management of venous disease, which can result in limb swelling, ulcerations, skin changes, recurring leg infection, varicosities and spider veins.

Vascular Surgeons are vascular medicine specialists, who have the ability to intervene on problems with blood vessels which include both arterial and venous disease. Vascular Surgeons have the ability to monitor and guide the management of the risk factors for blood vessel disease, along with the ability to provide total treatment options both minimally invasive catheter based treatment and when necessary operative treatment. Most patients who are seen by a vascular surgeon do not require an operation, but management and policing of their problem so it does not result in limb loss or interfere with the quality of life.

As Vascular Surgeons, we have always been in the forefront of the treatment and management of diseases of the blood vessels. The continued evolution of technology has allowed vascular surgery to offer minimally invasive catheter based treatment options which involves only a puncture. Blockage in arteries can often be treated with balloons and/ or stents, similar to treatment of heart vessel blockage. The management of venous disease has become an “in office” treatment with the advent of Laser closures to replace stripping of veins and micro incisions if a vein has to be removed.

These modalities are not for every vascular problem, many times combined techniques of traditional surgery with minimally invasive therapy is required. As technology and medicine move forward the decision on treatment options become more complex.

This is why it is important to have the right specialist involved in your care so the correct choices of management is made and not based only on the modality the physician can offer. Vascular Surgeons are the only treating specialist of vessel disease who can offer all treatment options.

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