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Cosmetic FAQ

Are non surgical cosmetic treatments effective?

Non surgical cosmetic treatments are very effective when used properly. During a consultation our clients expectations and long term goals are discussed. Understanding the benefits and limitations of therapies, whether non surgical or surgical are the most effect way of achieving results that pleasing and cost effective.Does everyone need treatments?

There are many very good skin products which can complement treatments and prolong the time between therapies. This is similar to going to the hair salon. Between ýcutsţ proper care and avoiding damaging care agents or harsh environment can extend the time between visits.

Who should consider an evaluation?

If you have had heavy sun exposure, even at a young age, early skin care can slow damage. Fine wrinkles or lines respond with the least treatment. When the lines and wrinkle are more extensive then a longer time for optimum will occur.

Do you have payment plans for more costly treatments?

There are packages which can significantly save on treatments which require several visits. Most treatments are equal to or slightly more than an average hair salon visit.

Do you ship skin care products to save visits to the office?

All our skin care products and mineral make ups are available to send to you with no shipping cost.

Who evaluates and provides treatment?

We have both board certified physicians and certified RN - Estheticians who evaluate and offer treatment. Our RN - estheticians are expert in skin care and analysis with our physicians providing expertise in more complex medical care.

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